Blister Guide from a seasoned Ultra Runner

There are a lot of crazy ideas about ” How to Avoid Blisters” some are as daft as they sound, others almost sound feasible.There are probably some skin types that are more likely to blister than others, but everyone can either reduce or stop  blisters altogether, with some common sense.

Most people will prepare in some way for an adventure like the Fire + Ice ultra,  you prepare your body, your kit, your mind, and you prepare the areas that you may get blisters or chaffing.

The blister is caused by :

  1. Thick skin that does not move.
  2. A combination of friction & pressure
  3. Moving bone
  4. Repetition of the action.

Soft and supple wins the day.

  1. Get yourself  a foot file,
  2. Some moisturiser that absorbs into the skin

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