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Compulsory Insurance

Event Insurance is compulsory for all events, and should cover you for all possible problems, medical, travel, withdrawal or any other reason you can not attend, however that is caused.
We suggest you confirm with your Insurance agent or company to confirm cover is complete.

Examples Include ( but others will apply )

Injury or Illness in preparation, travelling to and during the event, including special transportation, treatment, medical supplies.

Travel problems, delays, cancellation or re arranging of flights for any possible reason.

Any unplanned costs you may incur not originally considered. some examples are extra accommodation, transport or other costs for travel delays.

Any other reason that means you can not make the stat line as planned

Deferring / Withdrawing your Place

We understand that some people suffer injuries in training or life ends up getting in the way and for whatever reason they cannot race. Unfortunately we are not able to refund the full value of the race due to fixed costs we have such as ordering medals, tents and ensuring we have enough crew and vehicles to facilitate a safe race. We have to pay for these items long before the start of the race to ensure the race will run smoothly. Many people who are injured or unable to make it choose to defer their entries.

If notice of cancellation is received 120 days before the event start date, the registrant may receive a full refund less the £500 deposit.

A notice of cancellation received less than 120 days before the event start date is not entitled to a refund.

Up until 120 days before the event start date, it is possible to defer your entry to the following year at no cost.

Based on costs incurred by us :

  • Deferment between 90 and 120 days is at a transfer cost £100
  • Deferment between 60 and 90 days is at a transfer cost £300


Travel to Race HQ from Home

We strongly recommend that you contact our Travel Partners All-Iceland to assist you with your travel, including extra time and trips for you, and your friends and family in Iceland.

All-Iceland is a specialist tour operator, with Icelandic staff, based in the UK, allowing them to have the big advantage of being ABTA & ATOL bonded, as added protection for their customers.

We use All Iceland for all our logistics, and Team Fire + Ice travel because it saves us money, and a lot of time and trouble.

Each year the majority of competitors book with All-Iceland, it saves you time, money and hassle, and ABTA and ATOL protection are very important.

At least 90% of the problems we are aware of each year are with those that booked it themselves, some are minor issues, an extra unexpected cost is common, but some have missed the start, and some have left early, all were avoidable.

From those that have had problems, we have lost count of how many have said they should have booked with All-Iceland.

We used to more subtle trying to get this point across, by being a little more blunt, we are hoping to prevent the emergency calls we get during the 24 hours before we depart for the centre of Iceland.

But many of you are probably asking, what does

ABTA and ATOL bonded mean for you.

For example, if you book your International flight, along with travel in Iceland to Race HQ with All-Iceland,  in the event that the International flight is delayed, causing you to miss your internal flight and other arrangements in Iceland, All-Iceland will rearrange and sort that out with you.

If you book your International flight yourself, any problems caused by delays to that flight are your responsibility, as that flight is not covered by the ABTA and ATOL bond, and neither are any repercussions as a result of problems with that flight.

Sadly it is not possible for All-Iceland to book directly with some Airlines, typical profit margins on flights are around £5 or even less,  so it’s not a profit-making sale for them, but the advantages of being included in a package where possible are considerable and help them give the best possible customer service.

It’s important to remember if it’s not booked by All-Iceland, neither we or All-Iceland have the authority to change, rebook or influence that booking in any way.  The same applies to accommodation, trips and especially car hire in Iceland. So many car hire companies that are great until you break down, that’s when you discover why they were cheaper, been down that route, never forget towing a car for two days, because I used a cheaper option.  A better company, with ABTA and ATOL protection, means more support when things go wrong.

( We had some competitors for the Half and also the Full Fire + Ice for 2019, who had booked directly with Wow air, an airline who ceased trading close to the event, they lost all of the money, but  if they had booked the travel package with All-Iceland, they would have been covered )

Contact Jorunn or Solveig at All Iceland on

With Icelandic staff,  All-Iceland know everything you need to know about Iceland.

Because they manage all the accommodation, and logistics, leaving us to deliver the best event possible, they understand what you need, and know the program completely.

Competitors find it saves time, hassle and money.

Medical Treatment in Iceland


It is compulsory to have Insurance that covers any loss of your possessions, injury or illness, or any other incident relating to your trip to the Fire + Ice Ultra or any other activity organised by Extreme Adventure Races ( Adventure Resources ).

Any Medical treatment in Iceland for Non-Icelandic residents must be paid for at the Time of treatment.

To take part in the Fire + Ice it is compulsory to have Insurance.

In addition for those that qualify,  we strongly suggest you apply for the European Health Insurance card.   See below

Our own medical team operate a safety-first approach to the  well being of Competitors and the Fire + Ice crew.

If it is required you will be taken for Medical treatment at the nearest hospital, all costs associated with that are your own responsibility, however the injury or illness has been caused.



The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaced the old E111 in 2006.

Your EHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return. It also covers you for treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and for routine maternity care, as long as you’re not going abroad to give birth.

The EHIC is valid in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland. For more information about what is covered in each country see our country-by-country guide.

You can apply for a free EHIC online here

An EHIC renewal or application is entirely free of charge. However, other unofficial websites may charge you if you apply through them.

If you’re having difficulties with the online application form, you want to update your personal details or  replace a lost or stolen card, call the automated EHIC application service on 0300 3301350.

If you have any questions about the European Health Insurance Card then the section below may provide the answers. However, if you still have further questions then you should contact the Overseas Healthcare Team on 0191 218 1999. If calling from abroad ring 00 44 191 218 1999.