In the Fire and Ice Ultra my aim was to create a course that incorporated many of the most spectacular environments I had seen in races all over the world,  at the same time bringing the unique, spectacular, remote and pristine Icelandic environment to your Feet

  • Start in the centre of the Icelandic Highlands

    At the Foot of the Volcano, close to the recent Bárðarbunga volcanic eruptions

  • Crossing Fields & Dunes of Black Volcanic Ash

    Cross the pristine volcanic Ash Fields, only Fire+Ice Ultra has permission to venture here.

  • Passing through the Hidden Valley

    Scramble through the hidden valley as you head towards the arctic circle.

  • Glacial river crossings in the Lava Fields

    2 river crossings leading you towards the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

  • Spectacular and Varied Icelandic Terrain

    A varied terrain of moon scapes to grassy meadows, the course has everything

  • Passing Boiling Mud Pools & Steam outlets

    Run through the volcanic steam vents on the way to camp next to volcanic hot springs.

  • Competitors in the the Lava field

    Competitors in great spirits as they cross the dramatic and varied terrain of the Lava field

  • Northern lights possible during the Fire + Ice ultra

    After settling into tents at camp 4, Northern lights appear over the Hut & Lava field

  • Enjoying the Lava Fields together

    Friends enjoying the amazing landscape during the Fire + Ice ultra

  • Relax in the Hot Springs
    soothing those muscles

    Soothing in the naturally heated 42 degree hot baths during the event,

  • The Joy of completing the Fire + Ice ultra

    Competitors celebrate after crossing the final finishing line of the 2016 Fire + Ice ultra

  • Join competitors from many nations in Iceland

    Competitors from Italy celebrating after completing the Fire + Ice Ultra


Fire + Ice Ultra

Toughest Multi-Terrain race in the world

  • •250km of Icelandic wilderness
  • •6-days self-reliant
  • •Run, Walk, Crawl your way to the finish

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Competitors Comments

  • Tougher than Marathon des Sables .

    Mohamad Ahansel

    5 times Marathon des Sables Winner

  • Fantastic, like a dream come true, I am so happy .

    Carla Marson Moro

    Italian competitor at the final finish line 2016

  • What a spectacular place! Just breath taking, and so much fun, with fantastic support from the Fire + Ice team

    Hayley Brown

    First Time Ultra Runner