Probably the Toughest Multi-Terrain Foot Race in the world

2017 from Monday  August 28th to Saturday September 2nd

(Competitors need to arrive at Race HQ in Akureyri by late Saturday 26th)

See lower down the page for full program for 2017

2017 from Monday August 28th to Saturday September 2nd

2018 from Monday August 27th to Saturday 1st September

Competitors need to be at Race HQ ready to depart, 10 am on Sunday the 27th August 2017 before event starts 

Accommodation at Race HQ included for the Saturday night before

From: The Race Director

Dear competitor,

I have been involved as a Competitor, Race Director, and Course Director in many extreme ultra races around the world. In creating the Fire and Ice Ultra I set myself a challenge to design a course that takes in the greatest elements of all other courses I know.
I have been involved in events in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, Egypt, Namibia, Vietnam, the Gobi Desert in China, the Atacama Desert in Chile,  Mongolia, Antarctica, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and I have been Race Director of the Commonwealth Ultra championships on several occasions.

In the Fire and Ice Ultra my aim was to create a course that incorporated many of the environments I had seen elsewhere, but at the same time  bringing the unique, remote and pristine Icelandic environment to your Feet.


  • Sand Dunes of the Sahara
  • Glacier of the Arctic
  • Rivers, valleys and Grasslands from Europe and America
  • Volcanic Landscapes, unique to Iceland
  • Towards the end of the 2014 event, a new Volcano erupted, lasting many months, this has now stopped, but not before providing us with a new, and untouched 80 square kilometres of new playground. In 2016 we will go to the edge of that lava, as the winter of 2015 / 16 sets in the lava is still steaming.

And of course

  • Physical Challenge of 250km
  • Demands of Self-Reliance
  • Difficulties of Different Terrains
  • Mental Battle to Finish!

Having been to many other landscapes and countries I’d previously set courses in, Iceland with its unique geology, was clearly a special choice. The Icelandic interior is uninhabited with the nearest road being over 100 miles away from our starting point, this allows the course to take in glacial/volcanic plains, lava fields, deserts of ash, starting in the centre and head north towards the lush meadows as we get closer to  the coast,  providing a variety of spectacular. Challenging terrain and natural obstacles.


Fire and Ice Ultra Race Iceland


  • Imagine crossing the ancient volcanic landscape completely untouched by human hand.
  • Brand new Volcanic landscape, now going where no one has gone before
  • Being one of a handful of people ever to set foot and maybe the last, previous competitors covered land no one will ever see again
  • Running through volcanic steam vents heading north towards the Arctic Circle.
  • Running along the ridge and almost the full circumference of a Dormant Volcano
  • Passing through landscapes only seen in Science Fiction films
  • In recent years competitors have been treated to fantastic Northern lights displays during the event.

The Fire + Ice Challenge


To complete the 250km, 6 day, constantly changing Icelandic terrain

6 Stages

To run unassisted from the Glacier in the centre, to the Hot Springs near the Coast,




Most importantly to earn this challenge you must be self-reliant, carrying everything you need: food, water, clothing etc. (see race info pack) for the duration.


The Fire + Ice camp team will set up tents for you and also provide hot water, but that should be it, this is YOUR personal challenge!


Of course your safety is paramount and my highly experienced team will have 4WD vehicles on the course and at manned checkpoints should you require medical help or assistance.

This is what some of our competitors say :

“Hard, but well worth the pain”

” I would just like to thank you for putting together such an incredible experience.You can really see you put a lot of thought into the course, I especially liked the little detours through rocky canyons. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you and your team put in, my feet have nearly healed.”


“Amazing, what a place.”

” I’ve done a few other multi-day races but this was in another league. Thanks so much for organising it. I’ll definitely be going back to Iceland what a place.” so pleased All-Iceland sorted everything out for me, saved me a lot of hassle, time and money

Sharon Gayter


“This is harder than the  Marathon des Sables”

From the 5 time Marathon des Sables winner Mohamad Ahansal

and many other MDS veterans


We have put together an incredible course, BUT you will have to earn this experience!

  • It can be completed by anyone with the right attitude, training and commitment.
  • Runners and walkers are welcome, we do have cut of times but they are very generous
  • All abilities and experience levels have taken on the challenge

You’ve probably looked at other races –

Only Fire + Ice has the complete range of challenges, terrain and landscapes. Keeping the race exciting and unpredictable; Sand Dunes, Lava Fields, past new steaming lava fields, Grassy valleys, Deserts of Black sand and Glacial River crossing


Your Awesome Race Package Includes :

An incredible route

Planned over many months to give you the most challenging route whilst also talking in some of the most spectacular parts of Iceland,

Program Details for 2017 are:

Saturday 26th August 2017

Competitors arrive at Race HQ in Akureyri

Kit checks, Medical reviews, race paperwork on Saturday evening

Sunday 27th August 2017

Final kit checks, Medical reviews, race paperwork etc

Depart for Base Camp in the Icelandic Highlands, at the base of a Volcano

Packed lunch provided

Competitors provide own Evening Meal, hot water is supplied

Monday 28th August   2017 – 38km

Competitors provide own pre-race Breakfast, hot water is supplied.

Highlights for the day

New deserts of Volcanic Ash, Hills, Lake, Steaming Lava

Tuesday 29th August 2017 – 42km

Highlights for the day

Tracks, Hllls, Lava fields, The Queen, Iceland’s iconic mountain, Riverside camp

Wednesday 30th September 2017 – 70km

Highlights for the day

Glacial River Crossing, fast tracks, Lava Fields, Little Sahara, Hidden Valley

Camp in centre of old Volcano

Thursday 31st September 2017 – 42km

Highlights for the day

The most powerful waterfall in the Northern hemisphere, Ash, sand and rocky ground

Friday 1st September 2017 – 38km

Highlights for the day

Lava towers, grassy ground, steaming hills

Camp at the Hot Pool

Saturday 2rd September 2017 – 20km

Highlights for the day

Steaming Mud Pools, Steam outlets, volcanic scenery, running the rim of a massive volcano

The Finish!!!

Saturday night presentation dinner, event slide and film show back in Akureyri

(Course details can change due to weather and other conditions beyond or control)


Fully marked course

Our course team mark out the complete route for you to follow with RED Flags and RED tape

Base Camp

This will be set up for you at the end of each day by the camp-site team, a tent and hot water is provided each evening and morning at Base Camp ( some camps will have access to traditional style toilets, others will be much more basic. )

4WD transport to the start

( 5 to 6hr drive due to lack of good roads)  however we make a couple of “Tourist” stops on the way,

such as the Godafoss waterfall, a scenic and popular waterfall.

We stop at Myvatn, your last chance to use a well-stocked Supermarket, and the

Takeaway  and Toilets before heading into the Interior of Iceland.

Accommodation at Akureyri Saelhaus apartments

Saturday 26th August and Saturday 2nd September

Most important

A highly qualified and experiences course team of ex-ultra-racers, very keen volunteers and medical professionals are on hand to support you on your challenge

4WD vehicles on the course each day,

Checkpoints, Medics, Course team, Camp team. all to make sure that the event goes smoothly.

Saturday evening celebration meal

With legendary Icelandic hospitality + Slideshow / Film of event

Presentation of trophies / plaques to placed competitors and winning Country

Bespoke Medals  finishers

Simple Breakfast whilst at the Saelhaus apartments. ( 3 sharing each apartment )

Supplement due for those requiring Private or Twin accommodation in apartments – If available,

Packed lunch for journey to base camp at the Askja volcano

Cold and Hot water at camp morning and evening

All starters receive a quality event top,


Special discounts

for all Fire and Ice competitors from Extreme Adventure Food,

What’s being one of a few people permitted to cross Iceland Worth to you ?

Guarantee an experience of a lifetime

A challenge that will push you to your limit
In an area only a professional guide knows exists. An experience 99% of people won’t ever have. Fire+ Ice

You’ve probably seen other races cost £2600 – £3500  !!

Fire + Ice isn’t even close to that price.

We provide this incredible experience for £2300 for 2017

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