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    1. Hi Steve, great glad you’re thinking of joining us. Due to the nature of the area your friends will be able to watch some of the race but they will need to hire a 4×4 to do so. I would advise they watch the second half of the race as it’s more accessible with a couple of mountain style huts they can pre-book. Let me know if you need a bit more infomation. Thanks

  1. Hi, this looks amazing! I’m comfortable with the distance but haven’t done a race of this format before. Are there cut off times as i won’t be running it all? thanks

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for the question. you’ll love the multi-day ultra format if you’ve not done one before. We give you plenty of time for each stage and mark the course with glowsticks if you did finish after dark (only likely on the long stage). We get all abilities come to Iceland last year we elite ultra runners, charity challenge walkers and everyone in between. Hope that helps.

  2. Just curious about nutrition. Do you advise taking salt pills for a race this long to keep electrolytes in check? I have done shorter one day format races but was curious as you’re not dealing with heat in this experience.

    1. Hi Nadia
      Salt pills are not necessary, but if you have a good energy drink, that includes Electrolytes that would be enough, something like Ultra Fuel 4:1 that has Carbohydrates, Electrolytes and Protein designed specifically for Endurance activities like this, great for during or after any long run, comes in 4 flavours, will E mail you more information

  3. What’s the elevation and altitude of the entire course? I assumed it’s a point to point course. How many km of running per day? I’ve done a 7 days (55km per day) race in Taiwan last Dec 2014. What’s the avg temperature there?

    1. Hi

      The elevation is between sea level and just 1200 metres, we are just waiting for the Lava flo wto stop, as we have to adjust the course as day 2 currently has 80 sq km of new Lava, but whatever changes we need to make this will still not be classed as a Hilly course. We start in the interior and haed north to finish at the sea in Northern Iceland. Average temperatures vary from 2 degrees centigrade at night, to up to 18 during the day, but it is Iceland, anything is possible, we have had higher, and we have had lower at night. We operate a drop bag system, with additional kit, that we issue if expected night time tempertures are expected to go lower than normal. We know you want a great adventure, but we need to also ensure you get that fantastic adventure safely

  4. Hi,

    I’m assuming that, considering the requirement of 2L water capacity, there will be aid stations along the way for filling up during the day before we hit camp. Is that correct? I couldn’t find any information regarding that.

    Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. HI

      THere is Fresh water at each checkpoint, distances vary depending on the terrain, but mostly you need 1.5 litres betwen each checkpoint, but a couple are slightly longer so that is why we would like you to carry the capacity for 2 litres

  5. Dear friends,
    A few questions:
    1. You indicate we have to cross rivers and other “surprises”. Would you recommend a waterproof backpack or a dry sack to carry our equipment or that’s not necessary?
    2. Besides camps, is there any place where we can replenish our water bottles DURING the race (i.e., checkpoints), or we have to rely only on rivers?
    3. Can I pay by credit card or paypal?
    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Roberto

      The river crossings are not deep enough to get your pack wet, but keeping your clothes and sleeping bag in waterproof bags is a good idea in case of rain. In recent yeras water crossings have been between ankle and thigh deep.

      We supply as much water as you need at each checpoint, and at the Camp, we also supply Hot Water evening and morning

      Credit card or Paypal is fine, I will e mail you details

    1. Hi Stephanie, no qualifying event is required, the Fire and Ice is certainly not an easy event, but we have so much daylight each day, that we can afford to be very generous with times for each stage, we mark the course extremely well, and our team are always willing to help everyone as much as possibe

  6. Hi,

    Due to work commitments cant even contemplate trying this event in 2015, but 2016 is another kettle of fish!! To that end is there any potential dates for the 2016 event yet so that I can de conflict early with potential work.

  7. Hi,

    A few of us are interested in the 2016 event.

    In the answers above you hint at that event being for varying degrees of ability, despite it being extremely tough. Are there any pre-requisites? What is the maximum capacity of runners?

    Thanks in advance,

    Al Gale

  8. Hi

    I am interested in this event for 2015. However I am running the Jungle Ultra in Peru in June. I will not be back until the 21st June and will not know definitely until I return if I will be able to enter this event. primarily due to the risk of injury in the jungle and burn out. I am not knew to these style events as ran MDES last year. I notice the cut off day for full payment is the 21st June, would I be able to enter after this date if I return from jungle with no injury’s? What is the latest I could enter?

  9. Hi Dave
    Liz Wiggins has entered both of us into this year’s race. She has been vague regarding the daily distances and I have just found out why – day four is 80k! I am not a ultra distance runner but have completed Ironman.
    What would you recommend I used to beat her with? I’m thinking a stick might not be harsh enough nor the sole of my Hoka, so suggestions please.
    Also, do you carry all the food that you will need for the 6 days in your backpack or just what you need for each day?

  10. Hello Fire+Ice Team!

    I have wanted to do an ultra for a while now, but all I have done are three half marathons and one full marathon distance. Otherwise, I am just a casual trail/beach runner who fantasizes about taking it to a new level, but the beauty of Fire+Ice may be causing me to think irrationally. So that said…hypothetically speaking…would it be absolutely insane to register for this multi-day race with my experience level? Is it possible to prepare properly for this kind of race in five months?

    Looking forward to honest opinions/suggestions!

    Chelsea 🙂

    1. Hi

      It is possible to enter for 2016 now, dates for 2016 are

      Starts Monday 29th August Ends Saturday 3rd September 2016

      WE have had quite a few entries for 2016 in the last month

  11. I’m a little confused about what we carry every day. Are sleeping bags, toiletries etc part of it? What about the food? Do we carry 6 days worth from day 1 or is there a personal bag that travels from camp to camp? Thanks for clarifying

    1. Hi

      Hi Good question

      We supply a tent for each evening, and we supply Hot water each morning and afternoon / evening.

      At the start of each day, and at each checkpoint, and also in the evening we supply cold water.

      Everything else you need to carry, Food, Clothes, first aid kit, sleeping bag etc.

      We have the compulsory kit list

      We also carry an emergency drop bag for each person, to each camp , not to be used as part of your everyday plan,
      and only issued to everyone at the discretion of the organisers, usually if we expected an unusually cold evening,
      It should not be seen as a way of making yuor pack lighter, it is purely as an emergency backup.

      1. Hi im hoping to book the 2017 one but I have a question which may sound silly.can you put £100 into the event and when it reaches 500 that counts as the deposit or is it only done once the 500 has been paid in one go?

  12. Very interested in 2016! & have 2 questions:
    1) What airport should we plan to fly into/out of for the race? You mentioned a UK travel company, but I will be coming from the U.S.
    2) Is there a recommended pack size? I have Raidlight 20L from MdS bit photos on your site look larger — 32L? Just starting to think about gear & weight training.

    Thank you!

  13. I’m interested in this for 2017. I haven’t done an ultra before, and am worried about completing it. I have plenty of time to start training, is there anything I could focus on to get ready?

  14. Hi Dave,

    I am seeing that the early bird discount is not active anymore.
    So, two questions:
    1- for the people that signed till April (more or less) for the 2015 race you are giving an OMM Backpack and some freeze-dried meals. Will this be avaliable for the people signing up for the 2016 race?
    2- is there some refund policy? (in the case I get hurt, for example)

  15. Hi,

    I seems that the race is not a qualifying race for UTMB in 2015. Is that going to change in 2016? And if so, how many points will be rewarded?

    All the best,

  16. Hi. Just want to ask about the registration for 2016 event. Do you need full payment with the registration or is there a start deposit and full payment before the race?

    Looks very beautiful and demanding and I hope to do it one day

    Kindly Regards Remy

  17. Hi –
    For 2016, what is the closest airport that will get me to New York City asap after the race? Is it possible to leave Iceland and arrive NYC Sunday September 4th, 2016 the day after the race?

    1. We do have just a few definite places left, we have a restriction on numbers because parts of the course are in some of the most sensitive and protected parts of the Icelandic interior, our team and competitors are the only people each year to have permission to use these areas, in some places we even brush way the footprints. We have a request for another 25 places, we are expecting a reply soon.

  18. Hi, i compete in 100k ultra walks in the uk as a walker as knees don’t allow me to run.
    I finished the last one in 18hrs flat, just wondering can you walk this race and what is the cut off point
    for the longest stage of the race, 70k i think i read.

    1. HI

      The longest stage for 2016 is close to 70km, the maximum time allowed will be 20 hours, where appropriate we have a staggered start on the long stage Just over 2 miles per hour.

  19. Hello
    Seasoned Ironman competitor so I know the training involved for IMs but THIS is a whole new world. Any suggested resources for training plans, guides and resources? I’d like to know what is involved before deciding if I can sign up.


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