In the Fire and Ice Ultra my aim was to create a course that incorporated many of the most spectacular environments I had seen in races all over the world,  at the same time bringing the unique, spectacular, remote and pristine Icelandic environment to your Feet

  • Start in the centre of the Icelandic Highlands

    At the Foot of the Askja Volcano, 100 miles from the nearest Tarmac road

  • Crossing Fields & Dunes of Black Volcanic Ash , Fire and Ice Ultra 250km

    Crossing Fields & Dunes of Black Volcanic Ash

    Cross the pristine volcanic Ash Fields, only Fire+Ice Ultra has permission to venture here.

  • Towering Dunes of Sand & Ash in

    Towering Dunes of Sand & Ash in "Little Sahara"

    Scramble through the 15ft high sand dunes as you head towards the arctic circle.

  • Expanding Lava Fields, from the Latest eruption, Fire and Ice Ultra 250km

    Expanding Lava Fields, from the Latest eruption

    Cross the most recently formed ground on the planet the ever expanding Lava fields.

  • Glacial river crossings in the Lava Fields

    2 river crossings leading you towards the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

  • Spectacular and Varied Terrain

    From Volcanic terrain to Grassy terrain, the course has everything

  • Passing Boiling Mud Pools & Steam outlets

    Run through the volcanic steam vents on the way to camp next to volcanic hot springs.

  • Finish in the Hot Springs
    soothing those muscles

    After 250km you finish in the naturally heated 42degree hot springs.


Fire + Ice Ultra

Toughest Multi-Terrain race in the world

  • •250km of Icelandic wilderness
  • •6-days self-reliant
  • •Run, Walk, Crawl your way to the finish

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Competitors Comments

  • Tougher than Marathon des Sables .

    Mohamad Ahansel

    5 times Marathon des Sables Winner

  • I always know Dave is looking out for us, allowing us to get on with our running .

    Sharon Gayter

    Champion Extreme Ultra runner

  • What a spectacular place! Just breath taking, and so much fun, with fantastic support from the Fire + Ice team

    Hayley Brown

    First Time Ultra Runner